Weekly Bin Service

This service ensures your wheelie bins are out on the curb side the day before council collection. After being emptied by council we return to wash and disinfect the bins before returning them back to their designated spots.


All off-week bins are checked and, if full, reported to the property manager/owner.

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Wheelie Bin Removal

Are your wheelie bins full and you still have a whole week until they’re emptied?

Rubbish 2 Move can empty your recycle and general waste bins; usually within 24 hours (Business Days).

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Bin Washing

Wheelie bins can be a source of smells and germs that are not welcome around the home. All bins are washed with high pressure cleaning equipment, disinfected, deodorised and returned to their
designated spots.


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Wheelie Bin Hire

Rubbish 2 Move hires 240L wheelie bins for your party or function. Clean, empty bins are delivered prior to the event and picked up one or two days after. There is a 4 bin minimum hire and delivery fees do apply to some areas. 


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