Does Rubbish 2 Move offer bin hire?

Yes! Rubbish 2 Move hires 240L wheelie bins for weddings, catering, events and hard to access construction sites. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

What day do my bins go out? 

Bins in R2M's service area get collected on a weekly cycle. You can find what day the are collected by visiting your local council website. 

What is the service area for Rubbish 2 Move?

Rubbish 2 Move services properties predominantly in the Ballina and Byron Shires. Get in contact with us to discuss what services are available for your property.


Does Rubbish 2 Move remove bulk waste?

Unfortunately not :(

Rubbish 2 Move removes only household wheelie bin waste. 

How can Rubbish 2 Move help manage my wheelie bins?

Rubbish 2 Move prides its services in complete household waste management. Visit our services tab for more info.